Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah

Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah [Syco Music / Sony Music ‎– 88697446252]
There are not many music contestants that make it big in the harsh pop world. It doesn’t matter if they found fame from Pop Idol, X Factor or whatever else you can think of (Fame Academy?). By 2008 when Alexandra won X Factor the majority of the UK general public were no longer interested in underdogs winning a possibly rigged game show. Alas all of the grannies and little girls who watched the show gathered around and bought the only CD single they would buy that year. And to great effect as it did reach #1.

What I don’t like about this is that firstly it gives a false impression of how easy it may be to make a hit pop single to the winner (I’ve only been on the earth just over 20 years and I can tell you it isn’t easy!) and secondly it simply strokes Simon Cowell’s ego boner providing him weight to get another cookie-cutter show on the air next year to keep the bank happy.

The song, is a cover – they’re always covers, rarely ever are they original songs and are usually chosen by the producers of the show not the singer themselves. The cover is fine, but nothing special. The original song by Jeff Buckley is painfully beautiful, yet this rendition seems to lose a lot of that power.

The additional tracks are lacking. The second track is a piss poor recording taken directly from the TV broadcast and sounds terrible on any hi-fi system. The third track seems to follow suit with another poor flat sounding recording, and is terribly short.

These singles, and the albums that come with them, slowly fill up landfills, boot sales and charity shops alike – worth nothing, not even their weight in polymer plastic. This is no different, and it appears that Alexandra has decided to take the route so many of these contestant winners do – theatre, where they should have probably started in the first place.

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