McFly – The Heart Never Lies

McFly – The Heart Never Lies [Universal ‎/ Island Records Group ‎– 1750108]

I never really dug McFly‘s music, it always felt like an even more watered down radio friendly version of Busted (3). By 2007 when this record was released I thought McFly were very uncool, producing shallow radio friendly rock for your gran to listen to. Today I still feel that way about them, which is odd because there are plenty of “pop rock” acts that I actively enjoy who some could argue are much worse than McFly. I think again it comes down to how and when I ended up encountering the band, and that I grew up with them that causes me to give them such criticisms.

This track for me came out at a point when the McFly star was fading fast, soon to become old news and all their old teeny-bopper fans were growing up and feasting on heavier (both acoustically and emotionally) music.

The second track you get on this album is a cover of the legendary Umbrella by R&B superstar Rihanna. I usually like rock covers of songs that aren’t rock, and this cover is not bad – to be honest I might enjoy it more if you told me it was a band other than McFly performing it. Personally I prefer All Time Low‘s take on the track which features on the Pop Goes Crunk compilation, but then again I am a big sucka for US Pop Punk in the 00s – even though strictly speaking All Time Low are really no better than McFly in the lameness race.

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