Various – Loud Rocks Advance Sampler

Various ‎– Loud Rocks Advance Sampler [Loud Records / Columbia ‎– RPROCD 4435]
This album is a pure product of its time. I don’t think such a record could ever really exist at any other point in time in music history. Growing up through this period, and feeling strangely nostalgic for all things from the turn of the millennia I find this record very interesting. Yet although interesting, in the aspect of how it came to be, I do not find it in any way enjoyable. I love hip-hop from this era, the emergence and popularity of hardcore hip-hop. I love metal from this era, nu-metal and funk metal taking the throne of the heavy metal scene. Yet when some record execs at Columbia decided to actually combine the two, I feel that it sounded better in the board meeting than it actually does in the flesh.

It feels like I am listening to a constant loop of early 2000’s action movie trailer soundtracks.

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