Nobuteru Maeda – Nobuteru Maeda & His Blues Friends

Nobuteru Maeda ‎– Nobuteru Maeda & His Blues Friends [Sony Records ‎– SRCL 2566]

A decent blues-rock album. I don’t know very much when it comes to popular music in Japan, so on my last visit I picked up handfuls of random CD’s out of the bargain bins at various shops. This one was in the pack, and has been a great listen. I like blues rock as it is, and this is a good record demonstrating a Japanese take on it. Although most of the titles here are in English, don’t be fooled as the songs are all in Japanese. The instrumentation is good too, providing a very laid back lounge mood to the album overall. However at points it can feel quite dated, which does bring the rating down for me just slightly.

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