Web Badges from the 1990s and 2000s

One of the aesthetics of old web pages that I love the most are those teeny tiny badges (sometimes animated) that appear towards the bottom of the pages. Back in the days of 640×480 or 800×600 resolution CRT monitors these badges weren’t instantly visible until you reached the end of the badge. However these days, if you manage to stumble onto a relic of a webpage, the badges usually show up in full view thanks to 1080p monitor resolutions.

These little badges managed to perform a variety of simple tasks from advertising products you personally endorsed (like web browsers or chat applications), to forced sponsorship badges from your hosting provider, to badges indicating that your website (orĀ webpage) used only the latest of web technology.

This post is a celebration of these tiny heroes, forgotten to time and dreadfully out of fashion.


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This page probably will make whatever browser you are using run slow – to the point it might even stop responding.


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