Forgotten UK Singles

As a collector of music I spent a lot of time digging around in dirty old tubs at car boots or dusty shelves in charity shops. I live for it, I strive for it.

One of the types of release that I come across quite a lot are compilations – 1 or more CD’s dedicated to giving you a smorgasbord of different tracks from various performers sometimes pertaining to a specific theme, genre or time in music. Of these the most popular compilation would have to be the pop compilation, namely those that celebrate popular chart music of the time – think Now That’s What I Call Music, Pepsi Chart or Smash Hits.

Most of the tracks on these releases you will probably recognize, most of the performers are still out there in the public space (maybe not always still in the music industry) and some of their songs may still get decent amount of air time or plays on streaming services.

But what about those odd ones. The songs from bands or performers no one really remembers. They managed to chart, but then disappeared.

Fe-M@il – Flee Fly Flo (2000)

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