Shovelware Showcase – The Multimedia Vareity Pack GSP Compilation

This is a post covering the content included with The Multimedia Variety Pack CD-ROM by GSP as part of the Shovelware Showcase series.




Packaging consists of a standard size CD-ROM jewel case with a solid black tray. A full colour front booklet is included with 2 pages of content, with two blank inside pages. The last page of the booklet lists the software items included as well asĀ loading instructions. The rear inlay is single sided and shows box art for the 9 titles included.


The CD-ROM has an identifier (catalog (serial) number) of GSPCD047. The matrix ring reads GT084 01 &.


The CD-ROM is filled 522 MB out of a possible 700MB.

The featured items of software are:

  • PressWorks 2.5
  • DesignWorks 3.5
  • HomeWise
  • Dr Hilary Jones’ Doctor in the House
  • Geoff Hamiltons Garden Designer
  • Instant Will Maker
  • Instant Typing Tutor
  • Family Tree
  • Money Matters


Name Publisher Version Tested
PressWorks GST Technology Limited 2.5 Working
DesignWorks GST Technology Limited 3.5 Working
HomeWise GSP v2.12 Working
Dr. Hilary Jones’ Doctor in the House Pending
Geoff Hamiltons Garden Designer Pending
Instant Will Maker Pending
Instant Typing Tutor Pending
Family Tree Pending
Money Matters Pending
Border Creator Demonstration GST Technology Limited 1.0 Working
DesignWorks GST Technology Limited 3.0 Demonstration Working

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