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Fe-M@il – Flee Fly Flo

Date of Chart: 8th May 2000
Position: 46
Weeks on Chart: 02
Label: Jive
Style: Europop
Music Video: Yes
Album: No
Other Content: None


A short pop song (2 minutes, 50 seconds) which appears on various top 40 chart compilations in the year 2000, Fe-M@ail is a girl pop group with only one known song – Flee Fly Flo, which appears to be a nearly nonsensical euro-pop track aimed towards a much younger audience.

A music video exists (which is on YouTube) of the song with a low 8,000 views. Of the comments we can also gather the following information:

  • The music video was included with a complimentary VHS tape with HITS Magazine
  • The red-headed member is now a teacher

Little information exists on the band, or its members. According to Discogs the band put out only one single (this one) on two formats CD  and Cassette. Both which feature a sing-a-long instrumental version and a remix by an individual named Crazy Joe Cola.

Appeared On The Following UK Compilations

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