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Home-Grown GIFs

I’m a man of my generation (almost) so it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I would enjoy to communicate with my friends, family and even strangers online through the wonderful medium of GIFs.

I’ve watched over the years gifs turn from simple hand-drawn, low frame, high dither animations to glorious, glossy, almost video like clips from popular TV shows and films. There are plenty of repositories around theĀ world wide web for these invaluable mini-clips that contain thousands if not millions of entries made by themselves, by fans or, surprising enough, the production companies themselves.

However even though there are millions out there, sometimes you just can’t find the one you want. So here we are; in a predicament where you know the GIF you want in your head but it doesn’t exist. Fear not, there are plenty of ways out there to make a GIF for free, some much better than others (quick tip, you don’t need to download any software to achieve this); however even doing so and then uploading it to one of the mega-collections that fuel messaging services such as Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp and Slack, may mean your hard work gets lost in the wash.

For this reason I am reasonably precious about GIFs that I create, so much so that I have also decided to upload them here – somewhere where if I ever reached a million clips I would probably either be a) eternal, b) subject to some kind of mass hack or c) on some strange personal journey to create a business focusing on these tiny digital masterpieces. Also it just makes it easier for me to find them if I end up losing them.

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