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Hewlett Packard Vectra VL400 Drivers and Utilities

As many legacy computer enthusiast knows, these days with the amount of general trash online along with the general disregard for history from many hardware vendors, drivers are slowly becoming more and more difficult to obtain for devices of the XP era and before.

To assist my brothers and sisters in this plight to keep these old beige boxes rocking and not being turned into tin cans, I am sharing drivers for many of the devices that I own. All drivers provided here are as-is, they are without bloated (and possibly malicious) “downloaders” and are the real deal. I make no profit from redistributing these files, I am simply doing my bit to keep these devices operational.

All drivers listed below have been tested and confirmed operational with my Hewlett Packard Vectra VL400 computer.

Windows 98SE Drivers

Drivers for Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition. Other operating systems may be supported if listed.

Disk Controller / IDE

The HP Vectra VL400 has an on-board Intel IDE disk controller.

Devices Covered Intel 80801AA Ultra ATA Controller
Intel 82801AA Ultra ATA Controller
Intel 82801AB Ultra ATA Controller
Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller
Driver / Package Version 6.01.007 (from disk.txt)
Operating Systems Supported Windows 98
Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows NT 4.0
Supported Languages English, Chinese PRC, Chinese Taiwan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French Canadian, French Standard, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese Standard, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
Date of Newest File in Package 28th December 2000 (setup.exe)
Date of Oldest File in Package 28th August 2000 (Setup.iss)
Setup Executable Present Yes (Setup.exe)
Driver INF File No
List of Files 98_to_ME.doc
Total File Count 18 files
Package Size 4.89 MB
Extracted Package Size 5,742,578 bytes
Package Archive Type ZIP
Other Notes whatsnew.doc:

  • informs us that chipset driver ITL2320a must be installed first
  • informs us that the HP version number is INT6001B
  • informs us of the following flags available to setup.exe
    • -S to silent install
    • -B to force reboot
    • -P to specify install path
    • -A to extract files
    • -N to install all components but driver
  • this driver includes the following fixes
    • Chinese input method problem under win98
      In Win98 taskbar, there is an icon for “Chinese Input Method” under which there is “Intelligent ABC input”. In some cases, this icon is not correct and an error message appears if you click on it. It is then impossible to enter Chinese. This driver fixes this problem.
    • Corruption of Win98 boot registry
      The issue with the Registry access error message was that after installing version 5.01 (and possibly version 5.0) of the Intel(R) Ultra ATA Storage Driver and rebooting the system, a Registry access error message might occur. The error message would appear immediately after Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) had finished loading (ie. all the icons and the taskbar appeared). This occurred randomly on systems with the Intel®810, Intel® 810E, Intel® 820, and possibly Intel® 815 chipsets
  • this driver has the following known issues for Windows 98 and 98 Second Edition
    • In the case when a controller is removed and a “have disk” installation method is needed, a blue screen (BSOD) error may occur. Recommended workaround is to go into Safe mode and install using InstallShield.
    • Using McAffee VirusScan 4.0.0 with Scan Engine 3.2.0, the HDD may not spin down when manually set using the ContolPanel power applet. This problem does not show with McAffee VirusScan 4.0.3 with ScanEngine 4.0.35.
    • Due to compatibility issues supporting early 1x CD-ROMs under ACPI S3 resume, only CD-ROM devices that support DMA transfer modes should be connected to the system when using this driver.
    • For performance reasons, PIO-only devices should not be slaved to high-performance DMA-capable devices such as hard disk drives, since the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver limits channel block transfer sizes from 64KB to 32KB for the entire channel to which an PIO-only device is connected. PIO-only devices are devices that only support PIO transfer modes, and do not support DMA transfer modes, e.g., LS-120, ZIP100).
    • Uninstalling under Windows 98 does not restore the previous DMA checkbox settings for either ATA channel.
    • Migrating to WinME will lead to a blue screen. uninstall Intel driver before upgrating to Millenium. see 98_to_ME.doc file.
  • this driver has the following known issues for Windows NT 4.0
    • Installing via SETUP under Windows NT4.0 causes “IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 2.1) DUAL-CHANNEL IDE CONTROLLER [not started]” to show in the SCSI Adapters applet. Instead, the text should read, “Intel Ultra ATA Controller [started]”. A workaround is to run the SETUP program with the -A setup flag, and manually install the Windows NT4.0 driver using the SCSI Adapters applet in Control Panel.
  • this driver has the following known limitations
    • Installation on Windows NT 4.0 requires the user be logged on with Administrator rights.
Download Link Dans-Things.com

How to read this table?


The HP Vectra VL400 has an on-board Intel 815 graphics chip. This outputs to a VGA connector mounted on the motherboard.

Devices Covered Intel 810
Intel 810E
Intel 815
Intel 815B
Intel 815E
Intel 815EM
Driver / Package Version 4.03.1381.2732 (from readme.txt)
Operating Systems Supported Windows 95 (all versions)
Windows 98
Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows Millennium Edition
Supported Languages English, Mainland Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, German, International English, Spanish, Finnish, French, French Canadian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai
Date of Newest File in Package 21st May 2001 (whatsnew.doc)
Date of Oldest File in Package 5th October 2000 (Ikernel.ex_)
Setup Executable Present Yes (Setup.exe)
Driver INF File Yes (Win9X\I81xw9x.inf)
List of Files
Total File Count 89 files
Package Size 5.75 MB
Extracted Package Size 15, 849, 599 bytes
Package Archive Type ZIP
Other Notes whatsnew.doc:

  • mentions Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 RTM, Windows 2000 SP1 but is not clear if these are supported. Information regarding these operating systems is omitted below.
  • refers to the drivers included here as “Intel version: 6.02”
  • refers to this package as being “HP version number: 815b_602”
  • suggests silent install can be achieved by running setup -s
  • confirms the driver is certified by Microsoft
  • notes the following limitations with this version
    • If an AGP card is used in the system, the integrated graphics is automatically disabled
    • You must set 16bit z-buffer within 3DWinbench2000 to run benchmark
    • 32bpp color depth is not supporte
    • Intel ICD OpenGL acceleration is disabled. ICD is a part of the driver which accelerates Open GL. It is not a problem to disable it, as OpenGl applications can still be executed through a Microsoft layer in the Operating System. Disabling ICD makes the driver much more stable. Note that this will not be effective if previously installed driver had OpenGL enabled!
    • Un-installation does not work with add-remove program. It needs to be done with the device manager.
  • informs us this driver supports
    • B stepping of the 815e chipset
    • DirectX 8
  • informs us this driver changes
    • 2D performance improved by 30% without AIMM video module (5.05 / 5.06)
    • Intel ICD OpenGL acceleration is disabled (W9x)
  • informs us this driver fixes
    • incompatibility between Intel video drivers and drivers for PCI video cards (for example Matrox G450)
  • informs us this driver fixes for Windows 95 and Windows 98
    • Win98 Second edition, in some cases, the PC cannot come back from standby mode
    • DVD doesn’t play in 2014×768, 16bpp, 75Hz
  • informs us this driver has known issues including
    • color corruption in 8bpp after OpenGL screensaver preview for Windows 95 and 98
    • point sprites (DX8 feature) does not have the particle effects
    • antipoly (antialiasing) demo does not run (remains black)
Download Link Dans-Things.com

How to read this table?


The HP Vectra VL400 has an on-board audio chip provided by Crystal Semiconductor. It provides one audio output (Line-Out), and two audio inputs (Microphone, Line-In) on the motherboard.

Devices Covered Crystal ????
Driver / Package Version (from cwawdm.inf)
Operating Systems Supported Windows 98 Second Edition
Supported Languages English
Date of Newest File in Package 12th April 2001 (whatsnew.doc)
Date of Oldest File in Package 21st April 2000 (cwawdm.inf)
Setup Executable Present No
Driver INF File Yes (cwawdm.inf)
List of Files cwawdm.inf
Total File Count 5 files
Package Size 0.04 MB
Extracted Package Size 114,688 bytes
Package Archive Type ZIP
Other Notes whatsnew.doc:

  • informs us the HP version number of this package is PW4024R
  • informs us the drivers contained here were previously available under package name QBIKU006
  • informs us that
    • this driver only supports Windows 98 Second Edition, it does not support Windows 98
    • driver installation is achieved by way of Device Manager, as no setup wizard is included
    • this the first official AC’97 Candidate driver released by HP for this audio solution
  • states the following known issues
    • Audio may stutter briefly before it resumes completely from Suspend mode.
    • Media Player 2 might stops playing audio after system resumes.
    • 8 Bits recording failure.
    • Some systems may undergo problems with CD player application when using digital CD support.
    • In Win98 SE, Crackles when moving volume sliders while playing MIDI files.
  • states the following known limitations
    • SW Synth slider jumps to max value, when Synth state is switched from Stop to Play or viceversa.
    • Can’t enable Fastforward and Rewind Controls in the Media Player.
    • Digital CD Audio is recorded by loopback mux selection.
    • No MIDI till the system is restarted.
    • No Volume icon on the systray till the system is restarted
Download Link Dans-Things.com

How to read this table?