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’56 Ford Pick-Up (Metallic Blue) – Matchbox Model

I don’t recall when I got this model. The year of copyright on the base is 1996, but I feel that I bought this car with pocket money well into the 2000’s. Either way, I have had this model for a serious amount of time.


Considering the amount of time I have owned this model, there are barely any signs of play. The axles are straight and all wheels roll freely. Paint work is in great condition with no chips or scratches. The plastic glass on the window has a few very fine marks, but otherwise clear. There is only a small crack in the base plastic that forms the side step for the passenger door.


The model is of a 1956 Ford F100 Pick-up, however the base simply refers to it as ‘Pick-up’. I likely bought the car amongst my phase of being a self-confessed muscle car nut – which is surprising with the little amount of knowledge I have of the cars. In recent years I have seen a fair few F100’s at shows here in the UK and they certainly have a road presence. Although probably not one of my first choices to own from the line of American pick-ups, you can’t deny the styling of the F100 is wonderfully brilliant for what is a farm truck. Most F100’s these days have taken on a life of glamour, leaving the dusty and smelly farm work behind them – this model seems to represent the new life for many F100’s.

The model features a beautiful blue metallic paint that sparkles in the light, really catches your eye. Paired with a gleaming ‘chrome’ effect bumper and side steps, which are part of the base plate, the model looks to be worth more than it is on first glance.


Surprisingly for a toy there is a considerable amount of detail found on this model. The embossed Ford badge on the tailgate is painted in a slightly darker shade of blue with a simple discreet decal above it. Along with this we have painted headlamps and taillights. The bed features ridges and is big enough that you could fit some small items in it (such as scale appropriate barrels or animals). Moving forwards towards the front of the car the model has minute details such as a petrol filler cap (present on the passenger side), door handles, cabin vents and handles to release the hood. The front grille is nicely formed as to stand away from the body of the car, giving the front of the model a nice 3D look.

The models interior is plastic and white in colour. Visibility into the cabin is possible by the 2 crystal clear windows (windscreen and rear window) along with two quarter windows for each passenger. However the cabin lacks detail with only a bench seat and basic steering wheel mould present.


The model doesn’t feature any kind of suspension, so bent axles are a potential hazard with this model. Much like its real life counterpart the model doesn’t sit very high from the ground, giving an almost low-rider effect. The four Matchbox branded plastic wheels spin freely and independently on two axles. These wide plastic wheels fill out the wide flared arches of the body nicely.

As with many Matchbox vehicles the base plate is made from plastic, but in this case has been painted a sparkly silver colour. The base plate also is nicely moulded with mouldings for sump, transmission, driveshaft, differential, spare tire and basic chassis structure. The base is riveted to the die-cast body with two rivets, one at the front and one at the back.

A real 1956 Ford F-100 Pick-up

This model of mine doesn’t require any restoration. It fits in nicely with dioramas with hot rod/muscle car themes. As it is likely I purchased this model late in my life, this is probably the reason for its high quality condition.

Model Status – In Collection 

Model Details

Model Manufacturer Matchbox
Model Scale 1/65 (?)
Year of Manufacture/Copyright 1996
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Model of 1956 Ford F100 Pick-Up
Identifiers none
Variant/Speciality Not a special variant
Colour Blue, metallic
Decals Very fine decal on the tailgate
Feature no feature
Body Material Die-cast metal
Base Material Plastic
Base Colour Silver (sparkly)
Interior Material Plastic
Interior Colour White
Glass Colour Clear
Wheel Material/Style Plastic/Matchbox branded multi-spoke
Suspension No


Citroen Acadiane Post Van (Yellow) – Majorette Model

This beautiful Citroen Acadiane van is a recent pick up for myself. Sitting in a wicker basket of heavily play worn toy cars of various scales and qualities, this little gem cost me all of 50 pence.

A Real Citroen Acadiane in Blue

Although these days I am quite particular with what models I buy (focusing on specific vehicle marques and generations (1970s-1990s)) I am a sucker when it comes to Marjoette models. I love their attention to detail for such regular cars. Not to shame the fantasy models that exist, they have their place, but when I was a lad I would love to play with cars that I would see on the road, or that family members owned.

Rear-Side shot

This little van is an unusual ‘postal van’ variant which sports two blue and white envelope decals on the side of the van box and a strange planet decal on the bonnet/hood; which vaguely resembles the planet Saturn. Unsure what the planet has to do with postal delivery, it may be a poor attempt of showing an arrow moving around the world to indicate the worldwide presence of post?

As with many Majorette models this model has a feature in that the rear doors open. Each door opens freely, although there is no catch system to stop doors opening when the model is in motion. The plastic doors are the same colour as the interior colour (white) and are nicely detailed with door handles, ridges in the panelling, a vehicle registration plate and two cleanly defined windows. There isn’t any detail inside the van compartment but it is a nice wide open space for the scale. Visibility of the cockpit is slightly obscured by the low-slung roof of the cabin and small windows however one can distinguish a bench seat and basic steering wheel mould are present. No other details are present for the interior.

Head-on shot

The model features clear plastic glass for 5 windows: windscreen with wiper and mirror etchings, driver side window, passenger side window, driver side rear window and passenger side rear window. The rear door windows do not contain any plastic ‘glass’.

The car features an all metal body and base, the latter of which is unpainted. Sporting a bright yellow paint job body helps bring out the finer details on this model. Moulded headlights, turn signals, front grille, front emblem, rear taillights, rear turn signals, door handles, ridged panelling for the van box, petrol filler cap, air vent on the bonnet and a metal cast vehicle registration plate on the front of the model really demonstrate how much attention Majorette give to what most would simply consider a toy.

Rear Shot with Feature

The model features four plastic wheels which spin freely and independently on two axles. As with many Majorette models a form of suspension is present, which acts as a deterrent to bent axles from heavy play. The wheel design is lacking and sports a tri-spoke design.

The model is fixed together by one rivet towards the front of the body, with a metal clip to the rear of the van holding the base to the body with the plastic interior and glass being sandwiched in.

Underside shot

The condition of my model is average. There are a few marks across the body where paint has chipped off over the years; however there doesn’t appear to be any serious amounts of corrosion. The decals have held up well during this cars life-span, with the odd planet decal being the worst for wear. All the axles appear straight and the car rolls freely along a surface, however hits some resistance quite soon. I am unsure if I will ‘restore’ this vehicle as I don’t want to lose the decal designs. I may however look to adding some detail to the headlights, taillights and turn signals. I love to collect utility cars, even more so when they are licensed vehicles, as they are great additions to diorama scenes.

Model Status – In Collection 

Model Details

Model Manufacturer Majorette
Model Scale 1/60
Year of Manufacture/Copyright Unknown
Country of Manufacture France
Model of Citroen Acadiane
Identifiers No. 235 (base)
596HN69 (vehicle registration)
Variant/Speciality Post van
Colour Yellow
Decals Left-side: Envelope
Right-side: Envelope
Bonnet: Planet (Saturn)
Feature Opening rear doors
Body Material Die-cast metal
Base Material Die-cast metal
Base Colour Silver/Unpainted
Interior Material Plastic
Interior Colour White
Glass Colour Clear
Wheel Material/Style Plastic/Tri-spoke
Suspension Yes