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Old Book Gallery

I try and make sure I keep reading, I sometimes feel it is hard in this modern life to do so – what with all the films and TV programmes to watch, the music to listen to and video games to play; along with everything else in life. But I think that books play a strong part in keeping the mind healthy and strong in regards to creativity and inspiration.

I am a bit of a fusspot with books, and sometimes go against the grain with my choices. I like science fiction and classic books, but then will delve into crime, mystery, thrillers, romance and comedies. I pretty much will buy a book purely based on either the author, if is part of a series or if I think the cover looks cool.

With that last point is where the idea for this post came from, to celebrate and share a selection of my favourite book covers. Most of these are old books that I find in charity shops, book sales or car boots. I will link to their Bookogs listing so if you desire you too could buy them.