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Various – Channel U Presents: Underground Chapter 2

Various ‎– Channel U Presents: Underground Chapter 2 [Long Lost Brother Records ‎– LLBUD1]

This release is probably not for my demographic. British, white suburban kid, early 20s. I’m not a big grime head, and for some reason find it difficult to find UK hip-hop that I actually enjoy – so a release that consists of a lot of grime and UK hip-hop will always be a difficult swallow for me. However I can appreciate good production, talent and general passion. Now most of the acts founds here are so underground that they barely registered on anyone’s radar, and gave up after a few releases – however there may be good reason behind that. The first half of this compilation is pretty good going – featuring names that were already or were going to become big names in the UK music scene. However the second half is terrible. Production is usually poor, singing/rap talent is sometimes so bad it’s X-Factor audition cringey and then the music videos are just something else. A lot of these acts do feel very lo-fi, they almost all feel like media student projects. I guess if you dig this type of music you can find something here, but I cannot and find the second half of this release brings it down.