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7″ Record Company Sleeves

In the past few years I have pretty much told myself that I would no longer be buying any more 7″ singles as I simply don’t listen to them and they take up unnecessary space. However I always enjoyed the company sleeves that 7″ records come in, and have always wanted to share some of the best examples.

A&M Records


Casablanca Record and Filmworks





The Rocket Record Company

The Silver Spotlight Series (United Artists)

Blank Record Labels

This was a small project I started (and ultimately never finished, as it is very time consuming) where I try and remove all traces of the artist from a record label to only leave the graphics and standard text (like speed, audio channels and copyright).

I had only ever managed to be bothered enough to do 4 – purely because I don’t know what else to do with them, maybe a collage of some kind?

Warning: Pictures on this page are large so might take a while to download over slow connections.