Geri Halliwell – Look At Me

Geri Halliwell – Look At Me [EMI ‎– CDEMS 542 / 7243 8 87121 0 1 / 8871210]

I like Geri Halliwell. I can’t sit here being in my early 20s, growing up through the late nineties and say I don’t know who she is or how she is popular. I like her more after recently watching a documentuary about her music career on the BBC, which revealed to me that deep down she is a sweet woman who simply just wants to entertain others with her singing and dancing. She was the first to split from the world-beating iconic girl group Spice Girls, which at the time came as a surprise and people wondered how well she would survive in the pop world alone. Well to begin with she did well, and then fizzled out by the middle of the following decade – a fate that seemed to affect a lot of defectors from 90s boy and girl bands.

Anyway, she managed to put out this track which is a very good pop track. It has that 90s cheesy feel, but with a little more sophistication. There is a lot of energy present on this track too, with Geri really going for it with the vocals. It does feel dated however, and rarely gets any air time these days. But I always enjoy it when I hear it.

The release also includes two remixes. The first is a standard issue house remix by Mark Picchiotti – it is ok, but again falls victim as with many of these bundled remixes as being very generic and uncreative. The second remix by Terminalhead brings a slightly different tactic, giving the title track a The Prodigyfeel with an upbeat techno mix – does this work with the original track, er not really.

All in all, a good pop track.

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