Quietdrive – When All That’s Left Is You

Quietdrive ‎– When All That’s Left Is You [Epic ‎– 82796939692]

Hoh oh, this album. This album evokes feelings, memories and thoughts of being a troubled teenage boy. This is one of those perfect Emo Pop albums for me, its just so… corny. Like when I heard this at the tender age of 13 I felt this album spoke my emotions and feelings louder than I ever could, thinking I was one of a kind feeling these “feels”.

Quietdrive‘s first album is very much in the same vein as releases from other teenage emo-pop favourites such as The All-American Rejects or Yellowcard. Up beat, sugary sweet power pop anthems sung by pretty boys wearing their heart on their sleeves is how I sum this album up. This album has no teeth, no edge, thus appealing to everyone with how middle of the road it is. All the songs are about, loving, or not understanding love, or these new “feelings” and those bittersweet teenage relationships. However Quietdrive’s offerings ended up blending in with the surge of other albums/acts with a similar sound coming out at the same time.

I only keep this album around because of it being a pure soundtrack for about 6 months of my life, before moving onto music with at least some kind of substance.

A pure nostalgic trip, offering little else.

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