Tina Barrett – Fire (Remixes)

Tina Barrett ‎– Fire (Remixes) [Diamond Eyes Records]

This shouldn’t exist. This is another example of an artist who had previously seen immense fame in a larger group (S Club 7) trying to find the same success on their own. Most will do this the sensible way, and start this after the previous groups disbandment. Striking while the iron is hot allows the new solo artist ride the wave of the groups disbandment for air play and cost-free promotion.

The sad thing is that Tina did not get this memo, and decided to start giving a crap almost 10 years after the band went down the toilet. Why did she take this long? Maybe she wanted to quit the business, or maybe she was bitter from the split but why on earth she created this I don’t know. Its so revolting it has caused me to come all this way to write this damning review.

Like I said in my review of Rachel Stevens (another S Club member chasing a solo career) most can afford high quality musicians and songwriters to try and ignite their solo career and sadly usually fail not because the music they are making is sub-par but that it cannot compete with all of the other mediocre shit that floats atop the pop landscape.

Well Tina clearly does not have the money to spend on such luxuries, and instead has made a song with the same budget a 16-year old has when making his hot new EDM tracks on SoundCloud. Tina is trying to tap into the popular EDM-pop market that was and still is very popular in the chart at the moment, but has created a mess of a song. With strained vocals (stop going RAHHHHHHHHH), terrible mixing, strange double-tracking that doesn’t work, lame as fuck lyrics, and the most uninspired backing beat I have heard in a while all you (the listener) end up with is a headache and maybe some mild confusion as to why such a monstrosity exists. The music video that goes along with the track is also complete garbage and looks like a students first attempt at Adobe After Effects.

Tina clearly has no pride or confidence in this song as she disabled both ratings and comments on the video, knowing that the public were likely going to dismiss this song and tell her to do something more worthwhile with her time.

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll recover the £80 she lost making this track with the upcoming S Club 7 reunion tour.

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