Various – Perfect Day

Various – Perfect Day [Chrysalis ‎– NEEDDJ01]

Although even today the BBC still put out these “fundraiser” songs every year for either Children In Need or Red Nose Day, these novelty tracks have a strange nostalgia linked to them. I always recall them being on the TV and radio, pushed usually by the BBC themselves on their radio and tv stations. Most of these tracks are ultimately forgettable covers of a much more popular and successful song, sung by various performers line-by-line (reminds me of school, where you’d read a book chapter by chapter out loud), trying desperately to pick up on the success of the most successful fundraiser act, Band Aid.

This release is no different. Perfect Day (originally sung by the late Lou Reed) is a firm favourite of mine, it works well with my melancholy moods. There is nothing inherently wrong, or bad with this recording its just so bland if it wasn’t made the world most probably wouldn’t care – no one talks about this track, even if the topic is focused on fundraising songs. Seeing as you don’t get much else with this release (most likely a licensing issue, as all proceeds do go to the charity, which is a good thing) but this one track, not an instrumental nor the original version. The whole point of buying this record was to give your £2/3 to the charity, to which most people have likely sent their copies to the recycling bin or charity shops across the nation. It comes down to this thing, people are more likely to part with their money if they get something in return – no matter how naff it might be. I guess thats why you see Marie Curie and Cancer Research fundraisers giving out stickers and keyrings to people, to make it feel like you’ve earnt that item. It seems maddening, surely you’d feel better giving the charity your money expecting nothing in return. Hey ho, this record exists sadly and that’s that, maybe in the year 2050 we’ll be down to the last 10 copies of the CD on the face of the planet and then they might be worth something – unlikely unless polymer plastic ends up being worth more than precious metal!

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