Bob Dylan – Legends

Bob Dylan ‎– Legends [Global Journey ‎– GJ 7776]

This is quite an unusual release. Global Journey are often known for putting out trash “new age” recordings of whale song, pan pipes or whatever else in the public domain they can get their hands on and then selling them for silly prices in garden centers, tea rooms and outlets across the UK. So to my surprise when I see this new series they have released, the Legends series. About 50+ releases of actual decent music, one of them being this release which is simply a re-issue of the original 1962 debut album from Bob Dylan. This is an original recording at a budget price (I paid around £2.50 as I bought mine in a multi-buy deal). So what do you get? Well the CD is a CD and there aren’t any strange artifacts or noise in the recording. The case is flimsy and cheap and bends easily in the hands. The booklet and inlay are also thin with no credits or any interesting information. So this is a good way to pick up a legendary album and that’s about it.

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