Fall Out Boy – Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits

Fall Out Boy ‎– Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits [Mercury Music Group / Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen ‎– 2725518]

A very strong compilation for seasonal fans of Fall Out Boy like myself. I remember Fall Out Boy’s Sugar, We’re Goin Down was one of the first songs I ever had on my new 512MB MP3 player, just at the point where I had moved secondary (high) schools. Fall Out Boy are very similar to bands like Linkin Park in being the sound of a generation, my generation. Pop punk and emo-pop was the soundtrack to those formative years where we are experiencing new feelings and thoughts, leaving our childhood behind to venture into more adult activities.

Fall Out Boy are one of the most famous bands from this era that almost any 20-something knows who they are and a few of their hit songs. At the time FOB were hot news I did try and indulge myself in their albums but I found myself only really listening to the same hit songs. Well luckily for me they released a greatest hits album in 2009, which allowed me to keep high quality copies of my favourite tracks without having to have 4 albums in my collection that I only enjoyed 30% of.

I can only really comment on the first ~60% of this album as these are the only tracks that interest me, by the point FOB had released 2008’s Fall Out Boy – Folie À Deux, edgy teenager me had moved past listening to FOB and began fixating on heavier content (both in sound and content). But I will never forget the memories that are attached to the hits from 2004-2007, and so this album is in my opinion 100% worth it for the nostalgia trip alone.

A great compilation for a part-time fan of Fall Out Boy, but offers nothing special for hardcore fans.

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